As part of a visit to inspect various facilities in Rashaya region, including the public hospital and environmental tourism areas, within the framework of cooperation between RECO and ANERA, with the aim of implementing joint projects to meet local needs.

An interactive workshop was conducted under the LEB-CAAP and CAFA grant, funded by USAID, to extend the “Save Rashaya Forests” project. Volunteers collected data from 500 households to assess local environmental and social needs. The workshop involved stakeholders from agriculture and rural development centers in Bekaa, discussing results and proposing strategies for forest and environmental protection, emphasizing community involvement.

The closure of the Resin Workshop organized by RECO at its headquarters.

While presenting RECOCYCLE project in the presence of stakeholders in the district of Rashaya.

As part of women’s empowerment projects, a crochet course was launched at the association.

Within the conclusion of the drawing course at the association in collaboration with Assabil Association.

Mozzarella cheese factory RECOZELLA.

An awareness session at RECO headquarters about proper intervention during forest fires.

Intensive training course on proper principles in food manufacturing.